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4 Comments on “Interview José Cayetano Tahoces”

  1. Juan Luis Fuentes
    I am fortunate to meet Cayetano long ... But above all to be his friend! Although the reflections made in the interview are full of wisdom, As for me I are truly conquer the nuances of his thought. Leading enthusiasm is 'excellence', manage only obedience is pure 'mediocrity'. Again Cayetano has hit the bull's-eye. I say goodbye revealing a little secret. When Cayetano talks "dialogue, understanding and respect", values ​​shown veiled beautiful treasures inside. Congratulations on the interview, I really liked!
  2. Emilio Guitian
    I congratulate Cayetano Tahoces for clarity by exposing the subjects asked him. I've known him a while and I really like his professionalism which has exercised his powers of persuasion and to discuss any issue and if more of those who dominates. I think it is a time of life full maturity by the experience gained in positions where he has been practicing this Preaching. I think that what he speaks agrees with what lives in his managerial experience. Know what you want and you want to have people around you to reach a successful conclusion. It is a good listener and able to implement the projects in which it participates. Dialogue, understanding, Respect what else can be offered ? Congratulations Cayetano. The interview has been very enlightening and future.
  3. Luis García
    Congratulate Dr.. Cayetano Tahoces. Great interview. Tracks well known to all of us and that Mr. Tahoces described very clearly and directly. Talk and communication is used by all of us every day, but as expressed by Mr. Tahoces, ACTIVE LISTENING, this is critical, thus teams can be managed with full transparency. Finally note a very important point, I deeply arrived, LEAD WITH ENTHUSIASM. This is critical to address, organization and equipment equilibriio. ENTHUSIASM, lacking in many leaders who refer to themselves.

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